Ep. 98 — HALLOWEEN II (1981) with Jeremy Johnson


Our HALLOWEEN series continues this week with a look at the next film in the series, 1981's HALLOWEEN II!

How does one follow-up the most successful independent film of all time? We'll discuss the development of this sequel, as well as how it was influenced by the booming slasher film craze of the early 80s — a craze that was kick-started by its predecessor!

In addition to our discussion of the behind-the-scenes stories on HALLOWEEN II, including how its script came to be, and why John Carpenter chose not to direct, we also discuss where it sits in the franchise, and how some narrative decisions that it made would impact the series for decades.

Once again this week, we're excited to be joined by Jeremy Johnson!

Join us next week as we discuss the next film in the Michael Myers saga, HALLOWEEN 4: THE RETURN OF MICHAEL MYERS!

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