Bonus: HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION (2002) Commentary


We couldn't let this entire HALLOWEENseries come to a conclusion without watching the film that effectively killed the franchise for seven years, could we?

But we honestly also couldn't justify a "traditional" episode on the film. Plus, we've just celebrated our two year anniversary, so we're doing the same thing we did on our one year anniversary: a special commentary track!

This works just like the commentary tracks that you find on DVDs and Blu-rays, only with a tad more work from you, since you'll have to make sure everything syncs up. 

Cue up the film on whatever your preferred format is (we hope it's VHS!) and then hit play on the podcast and listen for our instructions on how to make sure your commentary is synced! Enjoy and let us know if you'd like to hear us do more of these!

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