Ep. 70 — AKIRA (1988) with Todd Davis

This week, we're kicking off our new cyberpunk series by visiting one of the most popular animated films of all time, 1988's AKIRA!

SYNOPSIS: Childhood friends Tetsuo and Kaneda are pulled into the post-apocalyptic underworld of Neo-Tokyo and forced to fight for their very survival. Kaneda is a bike gang leader, and Tetsuo is a member of a tough motorcycle crew who becomes involved in a covert government project called Akira. But a bloody battle ensues when Kaneda sets out to save his friend.

We're welcoming friend of the show Todd A. Davis back to discuss the cultural impact of the film, its creation and themes and, of course, whether or not it will become the first anime to make it into the Psychotronic Hall of Fame!

As always, we leave that decision up to you!

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Come back next week, where we'll reveal the results and discuss another cyberpunk film -- this time from the 90s -- with another special guest!