Ep. 77 — BEETLEJUICE (1988) with Ellison Brooks

This week, we're joined by special guest Ellison Brooks to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Tim Burton classic BEETLEJUICE!

Did you know that BEETLEJUICE began its life as a much darker, scarier picture before Burton put his signature stamp on it? And that actors such as Sammy Davis, Jr., and Sam Kinison were considered for the titular role?!

These tidbits are just a bit of the behind-the-scenes info we give you this week, along with our deep dive into the film's themes and we wax poetic about the amazingness of Michael Keaton's lead performance.

And then, of course, we ask the big question: Is this one of the all-time great genre films? Does it deserve a spot in the hallowed halls of the Psychotronic Hall of Fame or will it be sent to the waiting room of the afterlife?

The choice is yours!

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Hey Greenville! This week, we'll be appearing at Flipside Alternative Arts Fest. Come on out to Birds Fly South on May 25th & 26th to say hello and take a look at some amazing psychotronic art from artists all over the world!

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