Ep. 65 — Best of 2017: Part 2

Here it is! Part 2 of our Best of 2017 countdown, once again with special guest DJ Wilson (twitter.com/thadeej)!

This week, we conclude our list of the Top 10 Psychotronic Films of 2017. What will be our #1?

Also in this episode, we reveal YOUR favorite film of the year! What will this year's Psychotronic Peoples Choice Award be? You voted! Now find out which film from 2017 we'll be discussing for inclusion int he Psychotronic Hall of Fame in a future episode!

We also hear from a few other friends and listeners of the show this week, who reveal their favorites from the year.

We'll also reveal our biggest disappointments of the year, plus some films that made our individual Top 10s but not our overall Top 10.

Thanks to everyone who called into the show this week:

Bunny, the First Lady of Fried Gold

Fred Sims of the Orly Radio Podcast

Todd A. Davis