Ep. 90 — Movie Redemption: ARMAGEDDON (1998)

This week, our Psychotronic Summer series sees us taking a look at one of the biggest summer blockbusters of all time, Michael Bay's ARMAGEDDON!

While it was a major succes with audiences at the time, becoming the highest grossing film of 1998, ARMAGEDDON's stock has fallen over the last two decades and it's mostly seen in a poor light these days, although it does have its defenders.

One of those defenders happens to be a co-host of this show! Listen to hear his argument (and the counter argument), as ARMAGEDDON gets nominated for a Movie Redemption!

It's been a while since we did a Movie Redemption episode, so here's a refresher: these are films that have a reputation for being pretty bad, but one or both of our hosts feels like it's getting a bad rap. So while it may be crazy to argue that it's Psychotronic Hall of Fame worthy, it is at least worthy of a Movie Redemption.

As always, the final decision is in your hands. Let us know if you think ARMAGEDDON is better than its reputation would have you believe!

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Come back next week for the results and the next entry into our Psychotronic Summer series!

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