Ep. 96 — PREDATORS (2010) with Fred Sims


This week, we're marking the recent release of Shane Black's new PREDATOR sequel, by taking a look at the last entry in the series, 2010's PREDATORS!

We're joined this week by special guest Fred Sims to discuss the film. This entry in the series seems to get looked over by many, so we're here to shine a little bit of light on it and to determine if it's worthy of entering into the Psychotronic Hall of Fame!

We'll take a look at the film's inception which goes all the way back to the mid-90s when director Robert Rodriguez (who would go on to produce the film) wrote a script for it while working on his breakthrough film DESPERADO. How did the long road to getting made affect the film?

As always, we let our listeners determine if the film goes into our Hall of Fame so be sure to cast your vote to let us know!

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