Ep. 148 — URBAN LEGEND (1998) with Myles Griffin & Craig Carson



“To paraphrase Pauline Kael, the movies are so rarely great art that if we cannot appreciate great trash, there is no reason to go. I'd draw a distinction, however, between the classic horror genre, which has produced masterpieces from NOSFERATU to SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, and the Dead Teenager Movie, which I define as a movie that starts out with a lot of teenagers, and kills them all, except one to populate the sequel.” —Roger Ebert

For the month of October, we're celebrating Halloween the only way we know how: by watching a whole bunch of horror movies! Specifically, this October, we're taking a look at a small piece of horror film history by diving into the post-SCREAM teen horror revival of the late 90s and early 00s!

Our second entry in this series is URBAN LEGEND, and we’re joined on this episode by guests Craig Carson and Myles Griffin!

Released only a year and a half into he new slasher movie craze, URBAN LEGEND attempted to capitalize on the success of SCREAM by creating another self-aware horror flick, this one steeped in the lore of famous urban legends instead of horror movie tropes. Was it successful?

From an artistic point, that’s for the audience to decide, but from a financial point? Yeah, it made a boatload of money, thus ensuring that this new slasher trend would continue.

In this episode, we’ll dive into the creation of the film and discuss its ongoing reputation as a late era slasher flick.

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