Ep. 114 — Best of 2018: Part 1 (with Myles Griffin)


It's that time of year again, loyal listeners! It's time for the Psychotronic Film Society to take a look back at the previous year in film and discuss our favorite genre films that were released.

2018 was a banner year for genre films with some huge hits in all of the genres that we cover, but especially in the horror genre with some films being embraced by the cultural zeitgeist, while others proved divisive, but well worth discussing.

In this first part of our look back at 2018, we'll begin our countdown, as well as a discussion of some of our honorable mentions that didn't quite break the Top 10.

We're joined this week by Myles Griffin of The More You Nerdpodcast to help us with our countdown!

And thanks to everyone who called in with their picks! We'll be playing all of the voicemails we received this week and next.

Come on back next week for the final part of our countdown, our look at our biggest disappointments of the year, and the announcement of the 2018 People's Choice Award, as chosen by you!

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