Ep. 133 — UHF (1989)


Our Class of '89 series comes to a triumphant conclusion this week with a film that, well quite frankly got lost in the shuffle among the other films released during one of the biggest blockbuster summers of all time.

Starring "Weird Al" Yankovic in his sole feature film lead role, UHF— a strange little comedy that utilized its star's penchant for parody and general silliness — didn't stand much of a chance at the box office against such giants as BATMAN and INDIANA JONES & THE LAST CRUSADE, and was panned by critics, ignored by audiences and quickly forgotten.

However, Yankovic's legions of fans brought the film back from the dead, and it's gained quite a cult following. In this episode, we'll discuss just what went wrong initially, and how it managed to cultivate a following, even three decades after its original release and failure.

And since it does in fact appear in Michael J. Weldon's Psychotronic Video Guide, we're nominating it for the Psychotronic Hall of Fame, and we need your help to decide whether or not it goes in!

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