Ep. 134 — THE MATRIX (1999)


We spent the month of June exploring some of our favorite films of 1989 -- one of the biggest blockbuster movie years ever -- so for July we're jumping forward a decade to a year that gives '89 a run for its money.

1999 is widely considered one of the best movie years of all time, and few movies that year made as big an impact as THE MATRIX.

This week, we'll explore how the Wachowskis — young filmmakers with only one low budget thriller under their belts — went on to direct the biggest cultural moment of the year. There was a long journey to get to THE MATRIX that ended up in theaters in March of 1999 and we're gonna get into all of the details on how it came to be.

We'll also explore the cultural significance of the film and its many, many themes and influences. 

And of course, we discuss whether its significance qualifies it to be a member of the Psychotronic Hall of Fame. Let us know!

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