Ep. 145 — RAMBO III (1988)



To celebrate the release of the fifth Rambo film, RAMBO: LAST BLOOD on September 20th, we're spending the entire month of September celebrating one of the most iconic characters of 80s action cinema, Psychotronic icon John Rambo, by working our way through the entire RAMBO franchise, one film at a time.

This week, the third film in the series, RAMBO III(1988).

In FIRST BLOOD PART II, John Rambo had transformed from the PTSD-addled Vietnam vet to an icon of Reagan-era American patriotism, but it's RAMBO IIIthat really solidified him as a straight-up American superhero.

Between those two films, Rambo had been given his own Saturday morning cartoon, and in his third outing, he pretty much personifies a cartoon brought to life. Gone is the haunted man that he began as in the original FIRST BLOOD.

In this episode, we'll discuss that transformation and we'll track RAMBO III's tumultuous journey to the big screen in which crew changes — including the director — and difficult shooting locations contributed to what would become, at the time, the most expensive film ever made.

Since RAMBO III appears in The Sacred Texts (aka Michael J. Weldon's Psychotronic Video Guide), it gets an automatic nomination for the Psychotronic Hall of Fame. Vote in our poll to let us know if you think it deserves to go in!

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