SyFy is Working on a NIGHTBREED TV Series


What are your thoughts on NIGHTBREED? 

It's one of those movies whose reputation, I think, is larger than its legacy. I finally had a chance to watch the Cabal Cut (that's creator Clive Barker's preferred version) and found it... underwhelming. Maybe that was due to years of build up, or maybe the movie is just not that good, regardless of which version you're watching.

Well, now it seems that we've got another version coming our way that we can judge. 

SyFy currently has a NIGHTBREED series in the works, with Barker himself producing, alongside Morgan Creek Entertainment and Universal Cable Productions. With writer Josh Stolberg (JIGSAW, PIRAHNA) attached, the story will "explore race relations in America, only the races are Humans and Monsters."

It's certainly fertile ground for a reboot and could potentially contain some provocative social commentary. In the past, I would have balked about it being on SyFy, but some of their recent forays into episodic horror (specifically CHANNEL ZERO) have been quality.

I'm all for someone giving another stab at this property. NIGHTBREED isn't one of those untouchable classics and could definitely stand to be updated. We'll have to see where this goes.

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