Joe Bob Briggs To Host 24 Hour Horror Marathon on Shudder


For genre fans of a certain age, Saturday nights on TNT were sacred. MonsterVision was our church and John Bloom AKA Joe Bob Briggs was our preacher.

Between MonsterVision on TNT and  Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater on the Movie Channel, Briggs spent 14 years on the air educating fans of b-movies with his endless knowledge as well as his patented Drive-In Totals.

A few months back, it was teased that Briggs might make his return via the streaming service Shudder, and now the announcement has officially been made!

 The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs, a 24 hour movie marathon will stream on Shudder on Friday, July 13th and if the above teaser is any indication, it looks like this might act as Briggs' swan song, one last trip to the drive-in.

I'm already a subscriber to Shudder and if you're a fan of the types of movies that we talk about here, you should be too. It's a treasure trove of genre gold and adding the legendary Joe Bob Briggs into the mix is just icing on the cake.