Not So Fast: Terry Gilliam Still Holds the Rights to THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE


So it turns out that the previous report that Terry Gilliam had lost the rights to his latest film weren't 100% true, but the result of some exaggerated bragging. 

French courts ruled in favor of Gilliam's former producer Paul Branco after a long-distance legal battle, leading to reports (especially from Branco himself) that Gilliam had lost his rights to the film. 

However, the current producer on the film, Mariela Busuievsky, in a recent interview, says that those reports resulted from a case of Branco being just a little too boastful. 

According to The Playlist, who's translated the interview, the "misunderstanding stems from the fact that Paulo Branco tends to overstate his victories. Since no single frame of film was shot under the contract between Branco and Gilliam, the ex-producer doesn’t have any claim to the finished film. However, since Gilliam did a poor job of terminating his contract with Branco, there will be a financial settlement that will have to be made between the two parties and the ex-producer has been using this to claim a right to the finished film."

That financial settlement is to the tune of €10,000, but once Gilliam pays that, they're free to start distributing the film. The producer says that plans to distribute the film. In European territories are happening now and that U.S. distribution will be happening soon.

This is great news for fans of Gilliam. Honestly, the director hasn't made a truly good film in two decades, but with a filmmaker of his caliber, we'll always continue to hope for the best and we can't wait to see his latest. Hopefully, we'll soon be able to stop talking about the film's legal word and be able to start talking about the film itself. 

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