Trailer: CAPTAIN MARVEL Takes the MCU Back to the 90s


The brief CAPTAIN MARVEL tease at the end of INFINITY WAR had me hyped. Carol Danvers has long been one of my favorite Marvel characters and Brie Larson is one of my favorite actresses working today.

Plus, with CAPTAIN MARVEL, Marvel Studios continues to fulfill their promise of creating a more diverse and inclusive MCU, an initiative that started with a bang earlier this year with the ridiculously successful BLACK PANTHER. CAPTAIN MARVEL is the first female-led Marvel film, and the first from a female filmmaker (Anna Boden, along with Ryan Fleck).

And now that hype train keeps barrelling down the tracks with today's release of a trailer, giving us our first look at the film.  

First of all, I love what were seeing here, even if it isn't a whole lot. I love that the trailer immediately establishes its 90s setting by showing us a Blockbuster Video (R.I.P.).


I love the brief glimpses of Danvers background as a fighter pilot.


I love young, eyepatch-less Nick Fury (prediction: I'm going to spend most of this movie having my mind blown by the de-aging of Samuel L. Jackson) and a young Phil Coulson with his beautiful head full of hair.  


I love seeing the Skrull, one of Marvel's most iconic alien races. I love the oh so short look at Jude Law's Mar-Vell. I love watching Danvers punch an old lady in the face. 


Most of all, I love how strong they're making Danvers look, while in no way sexualizing the character. This movie is going to be badass, yeah. But to little girls seeing it in the cinema, it has potential to absolutely blow their minds with how it seems to present its hero. 


CAPTAIN MARVEL hits theaters on March 8, 2019.