Trailer: CRIMES OF GRINDELWALD's Introduces Us To Voldemort's Future Pet

I'm very much in love with the HARRY POTTER franchise. And although that love waned a bit with FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM — which was fun, but lacked the, ahem, magic of the original series— I can't help but be excited about a return to the Wizarding World.

That return is not far off, and Warner Brothers are kicking up their marketing campaign with this new trailer for the film.  


This looks like a ton of fun — despite the continued, ill-advised use of albino Johnny Depp — and seems to be further linking this series to the POTTER series proper.  

One of those links, and one of the trailer's subtle surorises is the reveal of Claudia Kim's character's name: Nagini, Voldemort's future pet snake/sidekick.

The assumption was always that Voldemort was able to communicate with Nagini because he was a pparselmouth, but this revelation adds another layer to the Wizarding World lore: Nagini was once human and is presumably a maledictus — someone born with a blood curse that eventually leads to them being permanently transformed into a beast. 

What do you guys think? Are you excited for this next chapter in the Wizarding World?